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“You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a leprechaun, a monster, a cap’n, a tiger, and a rabbit. Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Cereal Club.”

See the poster for the Breakfast Cereal Club. Read the comments for other another spin on this idea.

We need more trailers like this

"Woody Allen and Diane Keaton in Sleeper. A love story about two people who hate each other 200 years in the future."

All New for '76

Don't forget your battery card


Ensuring the future of food - a video from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

As Andy pointed out, I wonder what this would look like for America.

(Found at waxy/links via infosthetics.)


A Modern Girl at Something Awful.

No, I won't take off my topcoat

Don't be silly. I am not affiliated with the goths who hang out at the end of the boardwalk. Yes, rivetheads have made attempts to horn in on my culture. It's attractive to them. Since Evanescence went mainstream, they've been able to buy their clothes at Spencer's Gifts. But just because they read about our ways on Boing Boing doesn't mean they can rock a true neo-Victorian lifestyle. It takes a lot of time and a lot of welding.

From MOM, DAD, I'M INTO STEAMPUNK, a short, imagined monologue.

Just wanted to make sure this was on the tubes

The exact phrase "Transformers is the dumbest movie ever" currently has no results on a google search.

Good lord, this movie is painful to watch.

"Michael Bay should be put on trial for crimes against humanity" has several entries, although for an even more heinous crime.

I know Woody Allen

I wince and feel for her over the reports of how she is being tutored, guided and taught in marathon cram sessions of what might be called a crash course in Instant Experience 101. There’s something almost funny in the idea that she is being speedily stuffed, Strasbourg-goose-style, with knowledge she should have had before she was selected.

Dick Cavett kicks Sarah Palin in the nuts on his blog at the NY Times.


SHECKYmagazine interview discussing his stand up comic days (I was not aware of that.)

Onion AV Club interview of Dick Cavett

Woody Allen playing clarinet on the Cavett Show

It's NWA Day!

Help the Police

(Found at this thread about white people rapping at ask.metafilter.)

For the LP collectors in the house

See more in this series by Stefan Glerum at Crate Digging - Don't do it.

(Found at drawn.)

Frozen waffles have it bad


More by Alex Cherry at Of Sound and Vision.

Some people work at night

image from http://www.1847usa.com/identify/1950s/1956.htm

Growing Up In The 70's Workplace - This has some great background music

american beauty- "My job consists of..." - No comment

At My Job/ Dead Kennedys - Great fan made video

My Cubicle - It's one of 62

Working for the Weekend - brilliant cover - audio comes in late

toothpaste for dinner

I have had back surgeries and this site helps to distract me from the pain. When I am finding cool sites and ranting, I feel better.

Would acupuncture help with the symptoms of sciatica or would any other complementary medical solutions be worth considering?

I have found it helpful to do the stretching exercises my physical therapist recommends. Do some core strengthening exercises, such as the ones highlighted at The Mayo Clinic. By keeping your core strong, your back won't put itself in a position to cause that sciatica pain you are having.

This book, Back Pain: What You Need to Know (Johns Hopkins), is very good and inexpensive; regardless of what the review on amazon says.

Good luck and try to stay off the pills (unless you really, really need them!)

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