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Baby's First Computer

Looking for that unique conversation piece that can double as a Samba file server?

The Linux Mobile is for you.

Watch it gently sway and jiggle as it downloads pr0n off the Internet!

Champagne Flavor Chewing Tobacco Sold Here

In Roundup, Mont., the Fifth Avenue Grocery was a local institution for years, run by Martin and Anna Pluth. But when Anna died in 1952, her children closed the store. Rather than deal with selling off the contents, they boarded the place up. It stayed shut with everything inside for 50 years until the Pluth children died. The grocery was finally unsealed last year, and Wednesday the contents will be auctioned in Billings. Dan Tryan will be the auctioneer of what he describes as a time capsule from the Fifties.

Auctioning a 50-Year-Old Time Capsule

Pictures of all of the goodies are at the auction site.

They even have WWII Propaganda Posters!

The Power of Prayer

The Pharmacist

(Found at Sampler)

Fun with Death

X is for Xerxes devoured by mice.

A Test

Over at The Wisdom of the Illiterati, there is a link to a map game that tests your knowledge of North African and Middle Eastern countries. I used to read the Hammond World Atlas for enjoyment as a kid, and I still missed most of North West Africa. Got all of the Middle East.

Since this is a real test, you will not receive a gif for your site stating that you are Bahrain.

More Fun

If you liked the Labelmaker link from yesterday, you might also enjoy the dymo truetype font for your PC.


The Acme Labelmaker can be used to create silly graphics

or something you can use on your own site


Amazing footage of Mario Andretti crashing at 200mph during Indianapolis 500 practice. Click the video link underneath the picture. It shows the full speed version and then slo-motion.

The 63-year old driver was unhurt and walked away from the crash.

Loose Sweaters Means Floppy ...

I am directing you back to brian kane online, who has a glorious picture of spring.

Absolute Mayhem

So much for non-violent play in Postal 2. It cannot be done. Even if you can manage to resist shooting the heads off of the cretins that populate this game, you keep getting attacked by activist groups, radical muslim clerics and rednecks. You have no choice but to fight back.

I do not like the rednecks, as they knocked me out and dressed me up like so:

This is seriously twisted. I mean, c'mon, this game makes you play as the fucking gimp from Pulp Fiction.

After escaping and killing about 50 of the yokels, I was able to get back into my normal clothes. But not without walking across town with the gimp outfit on. Everybody laughed at me. Several of them found out it was hard to keep their sense of humor without a head.

Back to my old self.

Needless to say, I am enjoying the game. I would suggest buying Postal 2 now, since something this twisted will probably be banned soon. As it was, I couldn't find it in any stores and had to order it online.

Some producers are more equal than others

Animated Propaganda During the Cold War

Really long article about how the CIA backed the production of the Animal Farm animated movie in 1952.

A joke

Square Balls & High Finance.

(found at ataraxia)

Prepare to be filled with llama wisdom

Naked Dancing Llamas

Thanks for finding this, briankaneonline.com!

Going Postal

Postal 2 is out.

This is, without a doubt, the sickest game I have ever played. And I own all of the carmageddons!

I am currently playing the demo level and found that I can do the following:
  • kill with at least four types of guns
  • decapitate people with a shovel
  • pour gasoline on folks, then toss matches
  • blow up cars
  • rob a convenience store
  • smoke "health pipes"

The fire part is the only thing that really disturbs me. The bodies lose their skin and writhe for an awful long time. I think I will stick to the shovel. And peeing on people. That is a riot. You can actually unzip and pee. This causes the townspeople to run, puke and, occasionally, mock you. If you do it in front of a cop, they try to arrest you saying that the peep show is over.

If you play the demo and die before the timer runs out, don't reset right away. You can stick around and watch people gather around, kick your corpse and fight each other. They also scream "Someone call Lieberman." I have a feeling he already knows about this game.

You can complete the game in a passive posture, enduring the idiots in the town while you run your errands, but I don't think I will be able to do that for long. They say the game is "as violent as you are." I guess I am one sick mother.

The full version arrives via fedex Monday. Forgive me.


Pimple TV has the funniest, dirtiest short films. Go there. Now.

(via weirdlinks.com)


Big ass crystals. More pictures of the big ass crystals

(via memepool)

Can't stop laughing


Link totally stolen from Edward Goodwin. Thanks!

hulk have big hands

Kevin Sites makes Geraldo look like a journalist

Shroud of CNN Missing from Baghdad Museum

Among the thousands of items missing from Baghdad's antiquities museum, curators are most concerned about the so-called 'Shroud of CNN,' a white clothe which some say bears the image of CNN reporter Kevin Sites.

My first introduction to the pompous ass that is Kevin Sites was his hysterical reporting at the outbreak of the war. CNN cut into an important interview because they had word of a "major defection." The world was then treated to a rambling Kevin Sites recounting how HE WAS SHOT AT IN A WAR ZONE. No defection, just an asshole grandstanding. You know somewhere Arthur Kent is shaking his head and thinking, "Boy, you had better save your money. The History Channel doesn't pay very much."


Man talks his way to new world record

A Zimbabwean man has talked his way into what could be a new Guinness world record with a speech lasting 36 hours. Mungoshi was only allowed "natural pauses" of not more than 30 seconds and was permitted to take 15-minute breaks every eight hours to eat and go to the toilet.

36 hours is nothing.

Ask anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be in the company of someone who has taken a lot of speed. Those guys will talk your ears off for days, taking breaks only to do another line and beep their dealer for more. The speeches are not so formal. Mostly they consist of very intricate conspiracy theories, complaints about the cost of speed and "What was that noise? Who's there? Hide the stuff, man."


Both musically and electronically oriented, Rudy Rosa designed, built and played his sophisticated organ complex at Trading Jacks Dining Room and Lounge in Sarasota, Florida during the 1970s.

Every Man an Artist

Paint by Number: Accounting for Taste in the 1950s revisits the hobby from the vantage point of the artists and entrepreneurs who created the popular paint kits, the cultural critics who reviled them, and the hobbyists who happily completed them and hung them in their homes. Although many critics saw "number painting" as a symbol of the mindless conformity gripping 1950s America, paint by number had a peculiarly American virtue. It invited people who had never before held a paintbrush to enter a world of art and creativity.

Amazon has the Paint By Number Calendar 2003 with, as you might expect, a new painting each month for you to work on. You can purchase the book, Paint By Number, as well.

Playing With Time

Time Lapse Photography

Even more Time Lapse Photography

Plants in Motion

astronomical time-lapse animations


Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names

cozy and calm

Ball Chair

Pretty fly for a white guy

He's a cute little whiteboy, he's got freckles, and he's a pimp - Lil' Pimp, to be exact.


Use a basket for easy shopping

It's everywhere

Avoiding Corn

It's Funny, Laugh!

A guide to Red and Blue America by David Horsey. He just won the pulitzer for this.


Banin's Principles of Economics:

1: Taxes are not levied for the benefit of the taxed.

2: $100 placed at 7% interest, compounded quarterly for 200 years will increase to more than $100,000,000; by which time it will be worth nothing.

3: In God we trust, all other pay cash. .

More laws over at Albrecht's

It's Hard

So You Want To Learn Japanese

Fun with Fish

Hacking Big Mouth Billy Bass

Baby Terrorists

This current war isn't the first time an invading army characterized the inhabitants as terrorists and it won't be the last. Relive when Doonesbury noticed this happening in Lebanon in 1982.

Forbidden Video

Yale's most notorious secret society, Skull and Bones, counts among its members both Presidents Bush, President Taft, William F. Buckley, Henry Luce, Senator John Kerry, and other such types. Literary journalist Ron Rosenbaum�who has been one of the most dogged investigators of the S&B�led a team who secretly filmed one of the shadowy club's initiation ceremonies on 14 April 2001. Not only is this the first and only footage of an S&B ritual, it's also the first one ever to be witnessed by outsiders.

Geez, that's bad

Is this guy a smacktard or is this just a bad joke? Either way, it is one of the worst personal web pages I have seen.

Basically, you pass a lot of gas.

Have you ever wondered how you could tell people about their bad habits, poor hygiene, or personality quirks without offending them or damaging a relationship?

The answer is simple, let Ms. Nudge tell them!

Movie Time

I keep seeing my secret stash of great old films being posted, so I figured I should join the bandwagon and let you in on it as well.

The Internet Archive at archive.org. You don't need broadband, but you do need to cast your mind back to the days of yore, when attitudes were a little different. A sample of the films you will find:

Word to the Wives, A  ca. 1955
Producer: Telamerica, Inc.
Sponsor: American Gas Association, National Association of Home Builders, and The Woman's Home Companion
How two women trick a husband into buying a new kitchen.
Descriptors: Consumerism;  Gender roles
Run time: 12:41   Color/B&W: C   Silent/Sound: Sd
Download: DiVX 4.11 19587.avi (42.4 MB)    VCD 19587.mpg (140.8 MB)    MPEG-2 19587.mpg (321.7 MB)
Streaming: DSL/Cable      Dialup   

They also have the funniest movie I have seen in a while. If you make, sell or buy things for a living, you will want to show this one to the boys in marketing. I am sure they will actually use some of this. My company uses something very similar...

"Your Name Here" Story, The  ca. 1960
Producer: Calvin Communications
Sponsor: Calvin Communications
The ultimate generic industrial film, built around every script and visual cliche.
Descriptors: Motion pictures: Production;  Motion pictures: Sponsored;  Humor
Run time: 10:10   Color/B&W: C   Silent/Sound: Sd
Download: DiVX 4.11 01681.avi (32.1 MB)    VCD 01681.mpg (106 MB)    MPEG-2 01681.mpg (280.9 MB)
Streaming: DSL/Cable      Dialup   

(A "classic" entry from 10/28/2002)

Self Improvement

The Fat Project


"'Enlarge your coalition' made me a man!" - George B.

(via presurfer)


How Krispy Kremes work.

April Fish!

Turns out April Fools Day is French.

Please support our troops and celebrate April Freedom Day instead.

I have had back surgeries and this site helps to distract me from the pain. When I am finding cool sites and ranting, I feel better.

Would acupuncture help with the symptoms of sciatica or would any other complementary medical solutions be worth considering?

I have found it helpful to do the stretching exercises my physical therapist recommends. Do some core strengthening exercises, such as the ones highlighted at The Mayo Clinic. By keeping your core strong, your back won't put itself in a position to cause that sciatica pain you are having.

This book, Back Pain: What You Need to Know (Johns Hopkins), is very good and inexpensive; regardless of what the review on amazon says.

Good luck and try to stay off the pills (unless you really, really need them!)

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